Cart Ride

The other day I mowed my grass for the first time this spring. I also happened to have the cart hooked up behind my riding lawnmower, allowing my two older daughters the opportunity to ride along with me.

I started along the edge of the yard by the house, which is an easy part to mow. Then I moved to the north side of the property that borders a wooded area. There are a lot of briers and tree branches that hang out into my property.

As I looked back at my two daughters, I could see fear in their faces; they were afraid of getting snagged by the briers and slapped by the tree branches. They were scared, not knowing exactly what would happen, or how long this ordeal would last. I kept driving the lawnmower because, after all, the grass on the edge of the property had to be mowed. Then a thought came to mind...

This is somewhat similar to the ride we are all on with the Lord. At times it's really fun, but at other times, it can be scary. The whole time I was driving that mower I knew that my two daughters were safe, although the ride was a little scary for them. I was never going to let anything happen to them, be it getting scratched up by the briers or slapped pretty hard by a tree branch. Even if they never knew it, they were safe the whole time. And when we are on a ride like this, with briers and tree branches threatening us, He knows exactly where to go and how fast to go. We are safe the whole time, even though it may not feel like it.