Positive Press for Obama

I just got back from the International Gift and Home Furnishings show in Atlanta. Our company ran into some representatives from bigger accounts and bigger businesses, which is great. As I spoke to the owner of one of these accounts, he gave me his prediction for the economy after Obama takes the oath. He feels the press will give him six months of positive press and praise. He also mentioned that 55% of the workforce are public employees (government employees, etc. whose salaries and pensions are untouched by the bad economy). These two things combined will restore at least some consumer confidence. I found his theory to be pretty interesting. I guess time will tell whether retail sales will make some sort of rebound.


Israel Beating the Crap Out of Terrorists

Here's an article I read about what is happening in Israel. I've had an interest in what happens in Israel since Brooke and I were in bible college in 2000. If you want to know anything about prophecy and what's coming down the pike, you watch Israel. It may not be anything, but it could be an indicator of things to come. Pretty much everyone in the world hates Israel (if you want to know anything about racism, ask a Jew). It will be interesting to see how many people point the finger at Israel for an overly-harsh response to nothing. But if your neighbors were firing rockets into your backyard (literally), wouldn't you want your army to do something about it?


Good Book

It's rare how often I cross paths with a good book that will hold my attention from cover to cover. The last I can remember was Safely Home by Randy Alcorn. This time around it was The Shack by William P. Young. I highly recommend it, although if you have deeply entrenched ideas of God, some parts you may find offensive.

Anyway, I found it just as easy to read this book as it is to watch a good movie. Great stuff.